~ The Top Brass ~
These are the leaders of the clan. Ultimately they decide whether someone can join, based upon their observations or reports from existing members and discuss any issues the clan may have to deal with.
"Goggles on, Chocks away!"
"Cluck Cluck, gibber, gibber"
Mr. Miggins
Von Richthoven
"For you, as a man of honour, the humiliation will be unbearable."

 The 1st Hussars are an informal bunch, but we have some sort of structure, mostly for administrative purposes. It is a necessary evil. Like war poetry. The clan structure doesn't really apply in games, where companies have a much less formal (and indeed rotating) leadership. All positions are considered Officers because by being selected for the Hussars (like the 20 minuters), you are already considered a cut above the average online player.
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~ Regimental Officers ~
These are Senior Officers who have special functions or duties within the clan, sometimes a specific duty (such as recruitment) and sometimes just a generic advisory one.
"Extra frothy Cappuccino me Lord?"
"Made a note in my diary on my way here. It simply says, Bugger."
"I am Ploppy, son of Ploppy"
"I must say Captain, I've got to admire your balls"
Capt. Rum
"You have a woman's legs"
King Penguin
~ Officers ~
These are fully-fledged tiddly-winkers, the veteran members of the Hussars. Those who have flown, driven and crashed in the name of His Majesty more times than they have had suspicious looking cappaccinos.
Speckled Jim
"The Flanders Pidgeon Murderer!"
Mad Gerald
"Yes, that's right. A lovely lovely cow with great big lovely udders."
The Badger
Mr Floppy
Guy de Glastonbury
Sly Fox
~ Honorary Officers ~
These are people that have shown selfless generosity to us and exemplify spirit of the Hussars, so that even though they don't actively game with us, they have earned a special place amongst our ranks.
"Crevice is a dirty word, but security isn't"

(aka Munro)

(aka Sgt. Bigglesworth)