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Presented here is a potted history of some of the significant events within the clan's history. 
It should be noted that because many people used a different online alias prior to joining the clan and choosing a clan name, all names are written in the following format; the person's real name (if used), their standard alias and then their clan name afterwards.

In The Beginning

Paul (Major Headache) and Dave (Pte Niles) first met in October 2002 whilst playing Battlefield 1942 and posting on the Battlefield1942.co.uk forums and started chatting on MSN (using the voice software). They soon discovered a lot of similarities in what they were looking for with online gaming; both wanted to get involved in a clan that had no required attendance and a healthy sense of humour. Dave just wanted to get involved with the UK gaming scene, but being Canadian, found that whenever a potential group found out he was canadian, they backed out. 
They almost joined a clan called Intruderz but the person running it had too many demands and started messing Dave around with regards to joining, so he decided it wasn't worth it. 
At the same time they had also been in communication with a member of the Dunom Mortis [DM] clan called Deadmeat and after the Intruderz fiasco, Dave almost joined that clan. 
In discussing it, Dave and Paul still had a few doubts and it became quickly obvious that the only way to get the sort of experience they were looking for was to form their own Battlefield clan. 
With an expectation of aiming for around six members, they decided upon a Clan name by combining the Hussars theme with that of the Blackadder comedy series. Paul came up with the idea of choosing clan names from the series as well. 
Deciding that adopting the name Blackadder seemed a bit presumptious, Dave decided on Baldric. Paul selected Flasheart and the concept of a relaxed clan, with no desire to take part in leagues or ladders, took off. 
Meanwhile, Dave setup a server on his machine (Baldric's Bash) and this became their haven away from the more immature members of the gaming community, where they spent many an afternoon and evening battling the bots. 
They started advertising for members on the boards of the Battlefield1942.co.uk forums in the middle of November, immediately coming under fire by the head of the Intruderz clan who said that the concept would never work as nobody would want to join a clan not involved in leagues and ladders. 
Then suddenly, two other players that Dave had encountered on the EAUK servers called SteelBeans (Capt. Darling) and T@rty (Lord Percy) wanted to join. Both were busy with their own games and wanted something they could be part of without having demands on their time. 
Soon afterwards, a third member was added. This was FanDancer (Proudfoot-Smith). Both Paul and Dave had been impressed with his strategy, gameplay and tactics guides so they approached him. He settled in very well with the group ethos and as he didn't have the commitments of the other members, they asked him to join them as Clan Leader, which he did. 
Next to join was Mark (Private Bob). He contacted Dave expressing interest and was selected because he was bright and funny. He also displayed a maturity that some older players lack, resulting in his actual age not becoming known until just before the first Big Scrum. Dave suspects Mark was pleasantly surprised when nobody seemed to care that he was considerably younger than anyone else in the clan. 
Soon after this, Charlie (Lt.George) joined and immediately became an integral part of the clan. 
As all this was happening, a chap named Quercus appeared on the forums and displaying many of the qualities and thoughts of the existing members, was soon snapped up. Although tempted by the name Blackadder, Quercus also thought it was presumptuous to choose it, so tried Private Bob (already gone) and then Lt George (also just gone). In the end FanDancer encouraged Quercus to go for the old Slackbladder himself and this was what he did. 
Turning up on The Bash for his first game with Flasheart and Baldric, Blackadder was promptly shot dead by Flasheart (who had recently suffered a series of tank thefts by the AI bots and thought Blackadder "was looking awfully botty...") 
As November drew to a close, the Co-Leaders of the clan decided they wanted to give something back to the battlefield1942.co.uk forum community, so making use of Sgt. Bigglesworth's generous offer of a server, organised The Big Scrum. Taking place at the very end of November 2002 it pitted the Hussars and other assorted forum regulars (such as ::3 Para::) against other clans on the forums (JTR, Homeguard, etc). This was the first time the clan had fought together against an organised opposition and it showed that everyone worked well together, without getting too serious. 
In Baldric's own words: 
"We all wanted to do the best we could- not for stats or a Win- but we wanted to do well for EACH OTHER, to not let the others down. I think it also showed us the game's true potential." 
One thing also became apparent, that such games would be better if the Hussars could field an entire side (of 16) by themselves. Therefore the Leaders started another recruiting drive. Making Lt. George and Blackadder the recruiting officers, they drafted some new recruitment posts and set to work getting extra members. 
One of these was Deadmeat (Mr. Miggins), who having had so much fun playing with the Hussars, asked to join whilst maintaining his links to his Dunom Mortis clan. Thanks to the Hussars relaxed attitude to clan affiliation, he was accepted and since he had been around before the clan existed, he was treated as one of the original members. 
Another person to join soon after that was Numbnutz (Ploppy), who organised a basic but highly useful forum for the clan, so tactics could be discussed for the next "Big Scrum II" in private. 
Deciding that the clan could do with a website, Blackadder went about creating one and with a Melchett poster provided by FanDancer, put the site online in the beginning of December 2002. With the list of members and the rapidly growing ranks of the Hussars, it was decided to (reluctantly) introduce a formal but simple structure to the clan - the Co-Leaders were called the "Top Brass", anyone with special duties would be "Regimental Officers" and everyone else would be Officers (or Junior Officers if they were recent recruits). The structure would however be mostly for administration purposes and would remain largely irrelevent for actual games. 
In December, Rebecca (Tipplewick) joined the ranks and towards the end of the month (just before the Big Scrum II), Blackadder was "promoted" to the upper ranks along with Baldric, Flasheart and Proudfoot-Smith, partially in recognistion for his website (and other) work and partially because he fitted in so well. 
It was shortly after this that the owner of the Battlefield1942.co.uk forums (Munro) offered to create a private clan forum for the 1st Hussars, which they gratefully accepted. In honour of this, they made Munro an honorary Hussar. 
Since then, the Hussars have continued to grow, with their initial dream of having 16 members being completely surpassed. Through the recruitment drive they subsequently added Oxider (Speckled Jim), Agrajag (Von Richthoven), Bunn (3-fingered Pete), Urz (Perkins), Major Plonker (Evil Prince Ludwig), Jerry (Sir Wilfred Death) and Violent Jay (Mad McAdder). Added to these were friends and relatives of existing members, such as Wally (Robinson), Bradyn (Cadet Edmund) and Joanne (Nurse Mary). So successful were they that soon they had to close the recruiting office and direct further enquiries to other clans within the community. The Hussars is also unusual in that not only does it sometimes feel like an extended family, but that with various brothers, wives and children in the clan, in a lot of cases it actually is a family! 
The clan (again in Baldric's words), "was becoming almost a comfortable fit- like the nice local pub where you and your mates could go after work and sip on a pint, tell stories, play darts etc."

By about February 2003 some members were venturing off into other games apart from Battlefield, including IL-2, Medal of Honour and some into the MMORPG game Jumpgate. At the end of March, Munro announced he would be leaving the battlefield1942.co.uk forums to helm a new forum dedicated to Half-Life 2 (expected that Summer - and indeed the following two Summers!) so handed control over to two members of the MPG clan, Pagan and Plague. 
Also at around this time discussions were being held within the Top Brass about where the clan was going now that interest in BF1942 had waned for some members. Baldric and Flasheart had been expecting this and were aware that clans generally either had to expand out to encompass other games or implode as members split off. They had envisaged a broader gaming group that catered for many different games and so together with Blackadder and Proudfoot-Smith they thrashed out the concept that was to become the Hussars Gaming Group (HGG). They also started looking at hosting their own forums because it was felt that it would be unfair to use a dedicated BF1942 forum for other games. 
Therefore the "backup forums" (hosted by Lycos and set up by Lt. George) were used more actively, especially for other games. In the meantime, Ploppy (aka HSeldon) had been organising community members playing the Desert Combat mod for BF1942 into a large community "team", under the [CoUk] tag. Many members of the Hussars signed up to this. 
In mid-May, some clan members noticed that others within the co.uk community were seen browsing our private forums. The new owners were contacted but in the interim due to concerns with privacy, all existing threads in the private forum were deleted. Days passed with no response from the owners, much to the frustration of Baldric, so it was eventually decided that we would leave the battlefield1942.co.uk forums and exclusively use our backup forums until something more suitable could be found. 
Perkins had set up a forum for the Freelancer game and offered to search around the various hosting companies to find something that would act as both the new HGG site and the new home for the 1st Hussars. 
Eventually one was found and Blackadder designed the new web site while Perkins created the forums. 
There was some ill-feeling left towards Pagan and Plague and this would be increased later in the year (July) when Pagan and his forum moderators (mostly from MPG) started clamping down on the casual banter within the forums, obeying the strict letter of the law but not the spirit. Some older members of the community started reacting against this and found themselves being banned or their accounts being deleted. Pagan announced that he didn't care what other people thought because they were his forums. Things quickly got out of hand and many of the older members of the community were expelled, finding themselves without a home. Some joined individual clan forums (such as XDC) and many joined the HGG forums. Ploppy wished to establish a new home similar to the old forums so together with Bigglesworth and King Dave, later founded the multiplayers.co.uk site as a new home for [CoUk]. 
The old community started reassembling itself. 
Bunn started renting a BF server from game.net on the clan's behalf and this proved so popular that even after game.net stopped renting servers at the beginning of 2004 another host was found, ensuring that Hussars could enjoy a game free from idiots. Well, from other idiots. 
During this time, we welcomed the following gamers into our ranks:
nub (Doc Leech), TNT Toulouse (Speekingleesh), Captain Rum, Bum Fluff, Snowcow, Santiago (Dougie Haig), the__t (Lord Smedley), Chris (Strangely Brown), OldPhart (The_Bishop) and later Havoc (Geoffrey Piddle), Zza1pqx (Witchsmeller Persuivant) Grunteh (Bernard), Smoke (Keanrick) Titch, Cplusplos (Talbot Buxomly) and Dot Cotton (Jack Large)

Points Of Departure

Although many of the old members were either rarely playing or playing other games, a core were still playing (and enjoying) Battlefield and similar games. With the introduction of Battlefield Vietnam interest was rekindled in some ways but game limitations and balance issues put some people off. The Point of Existence mod helped but by the end of the year this had pretty much been dropped, either in favour of older games such as Battlefield 1942, Ghost Recon and Operation Flashpoint or the newer shinier games such as Far Cry or Joint Operations. Baldric decided to leave HGG in April 2004 to set up a forum dedicated to MMORPGs (especially World of Warcraft), which became SilverFall Gaming (SfG). 
Other clans that had been prominent in the community also suffered, with Homeguard pretty much disappearing and Team Friction also succumbing to the march of time.
In 2004 the Hussars arranged their first real-life meet-up; in the Bovington Tank Museum. Flasheart, Blackadder, Miggins and Santiago attended and Richthoven even travelled from Sweden to join us.    
In 2005 the opportunity to have a new gaming server appeared, shared with a Counterstrike clan through one of Blackadder's work colleagues (Silva, of GHF clan). This was mostly used for Battlefield but was occasionally swapped to a Call of Duty server.
Private Battlefield servers hit a set-back when EA dicided that only offical "ranked" servers for their newly released Battlefield 2 game would support character progression.

 As the years progressed the Hussars saw more members drifting off into the ether, either due to real life issues or the influence of new games, especially primarily single-player ones (such as X2, Rome: Total War, Far Cry and the much delayed Half-Life 2) or MMORPGs such as Star Wars Galaxies or World of Warcraft. New members were still being added however.

In 2006, the variety of games people were playing continued to increase, with a group of dedicated petrol-heads focusing on racing games such as GT Legends, with Smoke and Rum even creating an entire racing championship (the Hussars Cup Challenge) for it.
Smoke constructed the events and rules while Rum set to work using his creative talents to come up with custom car liveries.
2006 also saw the release of Company of Heroes, an immersive WW2 RTS game focusing on small unit combat rather than the more detached large scale wargaming simulations typically seen.
Racing sim GTR2 appeared in 2007 and was enthusiastically picked up by some of the drivers, even though the HCC2 league continued to use GTL and even encouraged some of our older clan members to join the starting grid, including Baldric, Nurse Mary and Edmund.
On the FPS front, such titles as GRAW (Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare), Rainbow Six Vegas and Armed Assault appeared, along with CoD 4 (Modern Warfare), moving the Call of Duty franchise away its WW2 roots. 
In 2008 GTR2 was finally adopted for the third HCC competition, which also opened up the competition to non-Hussars, including 7DR and XDC members.
2008 also saw the zombie cooperative game Left 4 Dead appear, which immedfiately became a favourite amongst the Hussars.Some Hussars even took part in a "friendly" CoD tournament (TWB's Genocide) under the HEF clan tag.
The second Hussars meet-up took place in 2008, with Rum, Miggins, DamnnBlast, Ivor Biggun, Blackadder, Sly-Fox and Richthoven travelling to Duxford Air museum and setting up camp nearby.

2009 started badly with the shocking loss of not one, but two drivers from the HCC races.XDC's Col. Mugworth died in January and Pufferfutz in March. The fourth HCC event was dedicated to their memory as a result.
2009 saw Blackadder creating a campaign based around Company of Heroes which saw some epic battles with the AI and games lasting up to 3 hours! It also saw a second HEF outing to the CoD4 Genocide tournament which ended on a sour note after some appalling camping tactics employed by the opposition.
The much awaited (by some) ArmA2 appeared and proved to be just as buggy as the previous offering. Later on OFP:Dragon Rising appeared (with Codemasters having the rights to the Operation Flashpoint name but it having no connection to Bohemia Interactive who had actually developed that and the Armed Assault games). It was a more polished but limited game. Other games released were sequels such as Left 4 Dead 2, CoD: Modern Warfare 2 and the new but difficult flight sim Rise of Flight. 
A third Hussars meeting took place in 2009, with Ploppy coming over to meet up with Miggins, Rum, Smoke and DamnnBlast - the latter injuring himself badly while playing football.
New members:
Turks Meister (Sean The Irish Bastard), Leonardo Acropolis, Prince Harry, Von Gerhardt, Blackcat (Friar Bellows), Dropkick Murphy (Mr Floppy), Seedubs (Mad Gerald), Beggers (Badger) and BillySpaceKid (Glastonbury).
2005: Human_Shield (Ivor Biggun), Toobs (McAngus), Voo (King Penguin), Dingo69 and Ghostwraith (McNoLegs), as well as a member of the SfG forums; Hurlshot and what I suspect will not be the last of the extended clan related to Private Bob, Aje15 (Hardwood).
2006: Dodge, Jestah, Batesy91 (Gubber) and Bacon.
2007: Critical Bill
2008: Almar, Sly-Fox, DamnnBlast
2009: Pi-Oh-Pah

Moments Of Transition

The start of the fifth HCC competition saw another change was instigated when we switched to Race07 (another SimBin engine) and touring cars, following on from some successful testing the previous year. 
In March 2010 came the much-awaited Battlefield Bad Company 2, a smaller, more action-oriented version of the Battlefield franchise that in the wake of the MW2 debacle promised much to PC gamers. It didn't quite deliver (dedicated server files not being released to the public, master servers and back-end not up to the game demands and lots of bugs), but it still not only felt like Battlefield but also introduced the incredible Destruction 2.0 engine and fantastic game sounds, sufficiently to draw a great many Hussars (and others within 7DR and XDC) back into it. Later the BC2 Vietnam expansion offered an incredibly varied experience and very different feel to the basic game, one that was only let down by the chokepoint style of the maps.
In the summer of 2010, the fourth Hussars meeting took place, with Keanrick, Rum, Miggins, Blackadder and DamnnBlast travelling to Ledbury near Gloucester and being joined by McAngus and Ploppy from overseas
Towards the end of the year the next Call of Duty game arrived (Black Ops) which attracted the attention of some Hussars, but fewer than those who had played BC2.

Sadly the HCC 6 racing championship fell by the wayside due to declining numbers and a falling out between some of the Hussars and members of another racing community (Ninecraft). However two of their regular racers also joined the Hussars clan, in the form of Skipy (Sticky) and Dr. Duck. 
2010 also saw one of the top Brass, in the shapely form of Miggins, finally tie the knot with his long-standing (suffering?) other half.
2011 started with the Hussars spread widely amongst a series of games, from Race 07 and Race On, to Rise of Flight, Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, with occasional ventures into FIFA on the XBox, Company of Heroes and Bloodbowl, as well as single player games such as Fallout 3, Mass Effect 2 and Arkham Asylum. The first half of 2011 saw a spate of near misses - games that could have been great but were either badly flawed or just not interesting enough to get the Hussars playing them. These included Bulletstorm (great single player though), Homefront, Red Orchestra 2, IL-2 Cliffs of Dover, Brink and the very underwhelming Duke Nukem Forever. 
The gems in the mud were the fantastic Portal 2 and the hilarious Magicka.
In the summer of 2011  a fifth gathering took place albeit with smaller numbers and this time in Llanidloes in Wales. It was here that Sly-Fox announced he was soon to be heading off to Australia although luckily the magic of the internet would allow him to keep in contact (sort of). 
HCC also saw a resurgence as the keen racers among us got together for a new flexible series of events called the HCC Sprint World Tour, trying different cars on different tracks. 
The summer also saw a startling number of Hussars revealing their fondness for Warkhammer 40K with the arrival of the game Space Marine, while some took to the skies playing the helicopter combat sim DCS Blackshark. 
Autumn 2011 saw the Battlefield 3 beta and eventual release, which even coaxed many veteran Hussars back into the ray, such as Baldric, Flasheart, Dingo, Snowcow, Doc Leech and Lord Smedley. 

As 2012 rolled around, many of us continued playing BF3 on a regular basis and even saw a few long-lost members of the clan reappear to join us, including T@rty and Mad McAdder. This was helped with the release of themed DLC packs over the year. 
Later in the year, DICE surprised everyone by announcing the next title in the series - Battlefield 4. Many folks thought it was a bit too soon after the release of BF3. Not only that but a Cops and Robbers game called Battlefield Hardline was also announced, with many people very unsure how successful this would be. 
Equally unexpected but decidedly more welcome was the sudden appearance of Chris Roberts after many years in the wilderness, announcing a crowd-funding initiative to create the sort of space sim that Freelancer had always meant to be. Entitled Star Citizen it was to use modern technology to create a persistent universe with proper physics, trading, smuggling, mining and everything else he had always dreamed of. 
Many Hussars promptly signed up, purchasing ship packages (and digital copies of the game) in their eagerness to help support the project. 
The cartoonishly mad, violent and funny Borderlands 2 also appeared - a fantastic game made all the more entertaining due to the fact that it could be played co-operatively by up to four people. 
Historical shenanigans spurred some of us to don our spurs in the form of War of the Roses. An ambitious yet very frustrating title that only a few persisted with. On the other hand another entry in the future war category was the vast MMO Planetside 2; a game that saw huge battles that Battlefield could only dream of, spread across a number of continents on a fictitious planet. It held our attention for some time and indeed would be a game many of us would return to every so often.  
2012 was also the year that Miggins succeeded in his dream of leaving the rat-race and becoming a house husband. Some of us are still jealous. 

Borderlands 2 continued to provide amusement with a range of DLC in 2013, Crysis 3 arrived on the scene, as did Rome Total War 2, Bioshock Infinite and the bank heist game Payday 2 (which we would find later through the marvel of Steam sales. 
The sequel to Company of Heroes appeared, focusing on the Eastern Front (to the disappointment of some) and although the engine offered some striking improvements over the original (such as true line of sight), many of those who had played the original didn't bother with the sequel, so interest began to wane. 
The previously announced Battlefield 4 finally appeared following an interesting beta that demonstrated the new "levolution" technology, but the full release of the game was plagued with appalling bugs and performance issues. Indeed things were so bad that EA (who had pushed for the release date) ended up delaying work on the DLCs until the worst performance issues had been resolved. The continuing suspicion that it was too soon after (and too similar to) Battlefield 3 meant that many Hussars didn't bother buying it. 
The Chris Roberts crowd-funding phenomenum of Star Citizen continued to surpass all expectations, with over $60 million dollars being amassed and the game beginning to expand its amitions as a result. 
In what appeared to be a huge coincidence, David Braben also appeared and declared that he would finally begin working on a long-awaited Elite sequel, again, which was also to be crowd-funded. This was the year that we finally decided to put Battelfield 1942 to rest after revisiting it for one last birthday bash.


The MMO version of Skyrim appeared in 2014 in the form of Elder Scrolls Online and continued the fine tradition of resulting in Hussars disappearing from the radar as they were drawn into it. This remained the case when Bungie's new game Destiny was released later that year.
Heroes & Generals appeared as a Free-to-Play (F2P) MMO game and engaged our interest for a while. Another IL-2 game appeared (Battle of Stalingrad). which was apparently very good, but some had been soured by the unfinished state of the previous effort (Cliffs of Dover). 
A new Borderlands title appeared (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel), which was fun but not as well written as the previous games and engaged only a few of the Hussars who had played Borderlands 2. 
After splitting off from Infinity Ward, the core developers of Call of Duty had started their studio and released their first game - a futuristic and fast paced title called Titanfall. The futuristic theme was also adopted by their previous studio as the new Call of Duty game (Advanced Warfare) went high-tech. 
An unfortunate spate with one of our members (Dung) over plans for our participation in Star Citizen caused a certain degree of acrimony, resulting in him leaving the clan and forums. 
The much anticpated Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was also expected to finally appear on the PC years after console players had enjoyed it, but sadly was delayed at the last minute, as indeed was Battlefield Hardline. 
The new Elite game on the other hand (Elite Dangerous) did appear in December of 2014, promising much and enticing a number of the Hussars into its cold, black embrace.

The most unfortunate event of the year was the unexpected demise of the Hussars forums. When the hosting server failed the forums were effectively destroyed and no attempt to recover them from previously taken backups was possible. 
In the end the decision was made to set up brand new forums hosted on Voo's site and to try not to wimper every time we thought about how much information and history had been lost in the process. 
This year also saw new Hussars joining in the form of racing enthusuasts Frankie and Boosta as well as Rzuraf. (The Hawk) 
We decided to celebrate our anniversary in November by revisiting Planetside 2 for a series of impromptu and highly hazardous races across the continents.
GTA V finally appeared on the PC in 2015, allowing those without consoles to enjoy the epic experience for themselves. 

2016 saw the release of sequels to Titanfall, Deus Ex and Civilization and the new arena shooter that was Overwatch.The Division from Ubisoft also appeared and many Hussars found themselves running around the snowy New York environments depicted within it.
It also saw DICE release a new Battlefield game based in WW1 - Battlefield 1. The game itself was impressive and immersive but only taken up by a handful of hussars.

In 2017 Destiny 2 appeared, as did the latest annual CoD game - in this case a return to WW2 that was initially appealing but seemed quite limited and wrapped up in immersion-breaking diversity efforts, including the ability to play black female germans in multiplayer (something DICE would also adopt for their next major release).
Talking of DICE, they released the sequel to their Star Wars epic; the rebooted Battlefront series. Sadly this was immediately mired in controversy due to the "pay-to-win" lootbox scandel.
Towards the end of 2017 we also sadly lost Dropkick Murphy (Mr Floppy), a long-standing member of XDC and more recently the Hussars, who was a pleasure to drive alongside in the HCC championships.

In 2018 Microsoft released a fun but somewhat shallow pirate-themed cartoony game called Sea of Thieves. The game gathered a few Hussars and appeared to be one of the first working games that allowed for cross-platform gaming. Overwatch was still occasionally popular and on the console side, Red Dead Redemption 2 appeared, dragging away those with the correct gaming hardware into the world of Grand Theft Pony (as Smoke called it). 
Towards the end of the year, the latest iteration of Battlefield appeared (Battlefield V) that although somewhat infiltrated PC revisionism and initially lacking in content is actually hugely enjoyable and has great potential.
The end of 2018 was marked by sadness, with the shocking news that stalwart gamer and wife of founding member Baldric; the irrepressible Nurse Mary had passed away.

Objects In Motion

More history to come... (if that isn't a contradiction.)