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As indicated on the member pages, we do have a structure which is used to determine certain aspects of decision-making and esnure that we retain true to the sprirt of the clan when it was founded. We keep things friendly and informal so rank within the clan genererally doesn't enter into normal discourse.

THE TOP BRASS (Co-Commanders and Directors) 
Co-Commanders: The clan leaders. They deal with clan-based disputes or decision-making and are the final arbiters of membership issues (including applications to join). 
HGG Directors: With the founding of HGG as a spin-off from the 1st Hussars, originally the HGG leaders were separate from the clan leaders.
Generally these days they are the same people.

These are senior members of the clan who perform special duties or have responsibilities above the normal expectations for clan members, or who have contributed in some special way in the service of the clan. 

All other full members of the clan. The Officer's mess is our virtual place of congregation so we are all officers in the clan. 
Very rarely we award someone honorary membership of the clan in recognition for the help they have given us.