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Hussars Lexicon
Over the years we have seen (and initiated) some high order levels of stupidity. Hussars in general love to play team games because  working with others adds another element of fun to the experience, but it has to be said that not everyone has the same view. Some people join team games but seem to struggle with some basic concepts (such as which objectives would be wuite useful to aim for in order to win the game). The result is that over the years we have applied our lexicographical creativity to come up with two distinct sections; Hussarisms and Idiocy Awards

These are terms invented by or for the Hussars based upon events observed within games. Mostly these apply to situations where good intentions fall sadly below the aptitude of the Hussar in question.

Idiocy Awards
These are special awards proposed by Hussars for behaviours witnessed by team-mates or occasionally other Hussars.

The Blind Pew
Awarded for all those who take off in their aircraft with all guns blazing. Extra cluster for those who do it right at the start of the game, blow up the friendly aircraft taking off ahead of them and then crash into the wreckage killing themselves.
A "Blackie" is the act of a driver managing to roll the vehicle they are in for no apparent reason at the smallest change in ground elevation.
Completing the Hussar initiation ritual. A Hussar is said to have fully earned their "wings" (in a very literal sense) once they have been introduced to the devastating combination of another Hussar team-mate and explosive devices of any kind.
Examples incude being bombed by Flasheart's aircraft, bombarded by Dougie Haig's artillery, blasted by one of Miggins's carefully placed explosive packs or blown up by a grenade from nub, Rum, Agrajag or in fact, any other Hussar
The Crispy Speckled Jim
Awarded for stunning aviational incompetence where the pilot manages to blow themselves up on their own bombs, normally by banking as the bomb is released and without any intervention by enemy forces.
The Distinguished Air Lemming
Awarded to those who put their bomb release and eject button too close together on their joystick and are seen to throw themselves from the aircraft instead of a dropping the bomb. 
Special mention should also go to those who accidentally press the "use" key and thus remove themselves from the aircarft while airborne.
A"Dougie" is the act of an Engineer detonating their explosives accidentally while still in the act of placing them, Named After Dougie Haig who is the master of this fine art (having won the trophy from Baldric)
The George
(also known as the gorgeous Georgina)- a flashingly bright and sunny looking medallion that shouts “Cambridge!”- awarded each game to the most ENTHUSIASTIC player. “Last one out of the bunker” and all that. 
This is not actually a display of stupidity unless they persist upon doing it until their own side turn on them to shut them up!.
Flying Miggins
Succeeding in performing a sufficient number of Miggins Manoeuvres (q.v.) to get kicked from the server for team-killing. 
Also used to refer to any single act of multiple unintentional team-killing that results in being kicked from the server
The Haig Tactical Awareness Award
Some soldiers like nothing more than expressing themselves, leaving their bases with all guns blazing. As expressions of enthusiasm go, it is second to none, but as attempts to keep their location from the enemy go, it is sadly lacking.
Miggins Manoeuvre
The act of leaping into a vehicle (preferably with an unwitting passenger) and then surprising the enemy, yourself and the unwitting passenger by immediately crashing said vehicle upon take-off or by ploughing into a large, more resilient object (building, friendly destroyer, etc.) in said vehicle, with terminal effect.
The Melchett Armoured Division (Reserves)
Naturally the WABCA (q.v.) has its cousin for the armour corps campers; the members of the rear echelon Melchett Armoured Divison (MAD). This award is simply a cluster of daisies wrapped around a shiny (but heavy) ball n'chain assembly given out to each MAD member who waits the whole game in a team’s rear base patiently playing croquet while sipping champers and awaiting the arrival of a respawning friendly tank.
Being killed trying to eject from a moving aircraft in a cunning (but failed) attempt to land behind enemy lines, normally by striking the aircraft as you leave it.
S.A.V. (Surface to Air Vegetation)
The covert enemy tactic of planting (sorry) highly trained jumping trees in amongst otherwise harmless woodland, designed to briing down unsuspecting aircraft and not (as it may appear to a casual observer), the pilot simply crashing into the trees out of ineptitude). See also: Extreme Tree Hugging.
The Military Lemming Cross
For those who repeatedly kill themselves by trying to run down a steep slope instead of more carefully sliding down.
The Mustachioed Melchett Mayhem Medallion
Awarded to any team that loses control of their main base at least eleven times during a single round
S.B.E. (Summary Bot Execution)
Forcefully communicating through the medium of bullets that you aren't about to let some flawed AI player take your vehicle, even if you have momentarily vacated it to repair it and even if they are on your side. Caution should be taken when doing this in case the person approaching your vehicle is actually just another player just coming over to say hello.
The Order of the Rear Entry Carrot with Mallet
This is the flip side of the George award, where an individual's keen sense of urgency to see action is exceeded (by a long way) only by their complete stupidity. 
Created in honour of a panzer driver in Market Garden, who on spotting two Kubelwagons ahead of him racing to take the Stonebridge flag before the allies got it, chose to blow both Kubalwagons up so that he could get the flag. Was then too slow getting there and blew himself up on the freshly dropped allied mines.
Smoke Manoeuvre
The act of turning a perfectly normal aircraft into a decidedly unaerodynamic collection of component parts by pressing the wrong key combination while airborne. Named after the person who first discovered that folding the wings of a plane while coming in to land on the aircraft carrier causes them to snap off.
The 'Womems Auxilliary Balloon Corps Award'
Known as the WABCA, this is a lovely small bouquet of little pansies wrapped around a shiny (but heavy) ball n'chain assembly. Given to each aspiring member of the '20 Minuters Squadron' for the extraordinary amount of time wasted waiting for a single aircraft to respawn despite the fact the front is falling to pieces and their comrades are being overwhelmed by the enemy.
Being struck really forcefully (ahem). Alternatively, a complete idiot who displays the opposite of common sense and behaves in a way likely to get themselves and their team mates killed with little or no evidence or cerebral activity
Suicide Jeep
The tactic of employing a high-speed jeep to take out another (usually more heavily armoured) vehicle. Adopted by Cadet Edmund as a standard tactic, rather than say, using grenades or other more traditional weapons. Especially funny when the jeep misses..