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Most gaming clans don't have a "theme" as such, but with the Hussars the spirit and silliness of the excellent Blackadder Goes Fourth series (and its previous iterations) offered a very fitting tone that would be adopted for the Battlefield game we enjoyed so much.

Originally adopting a "Blackadder" name was expected when one was accepted into the clan, but as time wore on, the combination of the relative lack of decent available names and the fact that no used names could be freed up due to even inactive members still being considered full members, meant that it became increasingly unreasonable to insist new members adopt such names, so it has for some years been a choice entirely up to the gamer.  
However, should someone chose to seek a Blackadder alias, the unused ones have been listed below:

Blackadder Goes Fourth is listed first as it is the main theme behind the regiment.
Blackadder Back & Fourth is listed for completeness but many characters have been excluded as they were variants that were too close to existing characters (such as  Lord Blackadder, Archbishop Darling and so on).

Blackadder Goes Forth 
Drippy * 
Pope Gregory the Ninth * 
ULnt Von Genshler 
Bob Massingbird * 
Butch Oscar * 
Cpl Jones 
Mad Uncle Rupert * 
Uncle Herman * 
Dvr Bobbie Parkhurst 
Cpl Smith {1st Twerp} * 
Cpl Johnson {2nd Twerp} *

Did not appear on screen
Blackadder II & Blackadder III 
Lord Tupper 
Amy (Hardwood) 
Sally Cheapside 
Mossop (actor) 
Lady Farrow 
Tom the mad beggar 
Simon Partridge 
Lord Whiteadder 
Sir Dominick Prique 
Arthur the (shagging) sailor 
Lady Whiteadder
Brigadier General Horace Bolsom
Le Comte de Frou Frou

The Blackadder 
Ghost (Richard III) 
Sir George de Boeuf 
Sir Justin de Boinod
Lord Graveney 
Lord Chiswick 
Princess Leia of Hungary 
Jane Firkettle 
Freddy Frobesher 
Lord Pigmot
Tally Applebottom
Thomas Applebottom
Tom The Balladeer
Cordelia (a witch)
Goneril (a witch)
Maria Escalosa

Blackadder Back & Forth 
Viscount Bufton-Tufton 
William Shakespeare 
Maid Marian 
Robin Hood 
Friar Tuck 

Blackadder's Christmas Carol
Queen Victoria
Prince Albert
Mrs. Scratchit